Mungaru Male – Sucessful 365 days!!

Mungaru Male (Monsoon Rain) is a Kannada movie which is set on creating a national record in just couple of weeks. The movie directed by Yograj Bhat featuring Ganesh, Sanjana Gandhi, and Anant Nag in leading roles will be completing its sucessful run for a year this December 29th. It is still having a successful run in the PVR cinema hall in Bangalore. ‘Mungaru Male’ started off with 16 prints is now spread out with 136 prints is also a record in the history of Kannada cinema history. A must mention here is Mano Murthy with his melodius tunes and sweet music and Krishna’s cinematography which are the highlights of the movie and the secret behind the success of the film.

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An intresting story of the making of Mungaru male is that director Yograj Bhat after his Ranga S.S.L.C starring Sudeep  did badly at the boxoffice, started Mungaru Male in a dissappointed note and approched Puneeth Rajkumar for the role who refused it. Ganesh, whose first film Chellata was a moderate success, liked the script and introduced Yograj Bhat to producer E.Krishnappa. Krishnappa agreed to fund the film, but the director could not get dates from any leading Kannada actress and he signed a relatively unknown actress Sanjana Gandhi and the rest is history!!

The movie is arguably one of the biggest hits in South Indian cinema with box office  with Rs 50 Crores collection in 300 days and is expected to be screened for more 3  months after its 365 days completion.

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3 Responses to “Mungaru Male – Sucessful 365 days!!”

  1. 1 halebidu

    This is super news. Well done Mungaru Male

  2. 2 sandeep

    Mungaru Male has created history by breaking all records, Hope Gaalipata also follows Mungaru Male……Wish a great success to Gaalipata.

  3. 3 Narayana Murthy CR

    Hi to all Mugaru Male team members,

    We all are very happy that the Kannada movie has created national record. If I am corect this movie has been ejoyed & accepted by even non kannada people across the country. My sincere thanks tot he whole gang. Let us expect the similar presentation from the Mungaru Male team in future also.

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